Thanksgiving Conversation Menu

I love holidays. Any tradition that involves good food, good people and good conversation is one I can get behind! Thanksgiving has at least two of those ingredients, but sometimes the people we love most – our families – are the ones with whom we struggle to have good conversation, especially during the holidays. So, to help us all get to real connection – I co-created this conversation menu for the Thanksgiving dinner table.

The process is very simple. Each dinner guest picks a question and shares their answer. As the circle of stories progresses, there is an opening of minds and hearts and, in my experience of using it, families and loved ones get to a place of deep connection. We've changed the design from year-to-year, but the spirit of the project remains the same!

This project wouldn’t have happened without Chelsea Shukov, Co-Founder of Sugar Paper. Her beautiful design, the high-end letter press printing and great sense of tone brought this project from an idea to reality. In the last two years Chelsea creates enough copies to give away for free with orders made during the month of November.

You can download a pdf copy to use yourself here.