In 2012, five friends and I got together in a north London pub to create a one-off strategy and digital skills training for new campaigners. At the end of the five-day residential training, the participants pooled together some money and presented us with a big check, telling us we had to do it again. Campaign Bootcamp was born. 

Campaign Bootcamp exists to raise the standard of campaigning excellence and diversify the campaign sector. We've hosted four year-long programs in the UK, two in Germany, and one in India and Switzerland - with many more to come. Meet some of our amazing alumni here.

I've been so lucky to work with the founding team: Johnny Chatterton (Ex. Director), Tom Baker (Board Chair), Weldon Kennedy (Board), Kat Segal (Board) and Daniel Vockins (Co-Founder) and the incredible Bootcamp staff and alums.